About Us


It’s been a lifetime of loving pets.

We grew up in a family that kept various types of pets ranging from dogs, cats, rabbits, chicken and chicks, goats and their offspring, guinea pigs, parrots, etc. well, I’m sure the only pet my mom didn’t get to keep was a snake. I guess she figured that could have scared her kids to death. We are pet lovers, not experts. But It’s been two generations of pet lovers! My most favorite of all our pets was our dog, Dakar. Paw-Paw!!

In this blog we are happy to share some paw knowledge that we’ve acquired overs our years on planet earth. So please, feel free to join us on our – journey to the land of paw-paw knows where.  I hope you’ll enjoy your online ride with us.

Thank you,

Paw-paw friends!!

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