Effective Dog Command Training

Dog Command Training

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Dog Command Training

Why should you consider dog command training?

Obedience is key

Dog command training helps your dog become obedient to certain commands to perform certain tasks for example, sit, stand, roll, go outside, stay, etc. Calm and obedient dogs are healthier and often have fewer issues with people and other dogs. Puppies, however, require more time as well as patience to be trained. For instance, if you want your puppy to use the bathroom, you need to pay attention to its needs and ensure that it wants to use the bathroom.


Also, if he needs to go outside, you can say “out" in a high-pitched tone. This will familiarize him with the command and will also help him with where he is going. With time, he will learn what you’re saying. Also, it is important to reward him when he adheres to your command.


Keep out of trouble

Dog owners prefer calm, obedient and faithful dogs for different reasons. For instance, obedient and well-trained dogs are happier and often stay out of trouble.


Looks good in the community if trained

Also, most communities prefer well trained dogs in their vicinity. This particularly applies to breeds of dogs that are aggressive (breeds such as rottweilers and pit bulls).


Dog Training Commands

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Household companion

Dog command  training also provides dogs with a better companion with the households, most especially when the household comprises young kids. Researchers have also revealed that dog training reduces dog bites as well as other problems associated with owning dogs.


You need to put some commands into consideration when planning to train your dog. Dog command training usually includes but is not limited to:


Dogs need to learn to walk beside their owners on a loose lead. They need to learn not to pull ahead nor lag behind.


Response to “no”
All dogs need to learn the word “no.” Training your dog to learn this command will save you from troubles.


It is essential to train a dog to sit. Thus, this command must be incorporated into your dog training program.


This is also important because a well-trained dog must remain wherever his or her owner commands.


This is also an essential component of an effective dog training program that must not be overlooked.


Bond between owner and dog

Dog command training goes beyond creating an obedient and willing companion. It also strengthens the bond between the dog and its owner.



Since dogs are pack animals, they often look up to their pack leader to instruct them on what needs to be done. Thus, your job is to set yourself as the pack leader.
Portraying yourself as the pack leader is a skill that any job trainer needs to understand. Failure to understand this skill can cause diverse behavior problems in dogs.


When you portray yourself as the pack leader, your dog will be well-trained since it will respond to your commands without displaying anxiety, displeasure or confusion.


Dog Training Program

An effective dog training program will enable the dog to learn what it needs and will also reward the desired behaviors through the use of positive reinforcements.

Apart from the fact that dog command training makes the dog a suitable and friendly member of the community, it also helps in fulfilling the dog’s needs.

Some of such needs include the need for exercise, the security that’s associated with knowing what is expected, the feeling of accomplishment and a better relationship with its owners.



Dog training gives the dog an important goal to actualize. Setting a goal, or giving the dog a job to do is very important. It reduces boredom as well as neurotic behavior.


Furthermore, obedience training and ongoing training programs give the dog important tasks to do. This is beneficial for high energy breeds such as German shepherds and border collies. Such breeds will be able to make use of their energy in enjoying themselves by carrying out the tasks that they are provided with.



Obedience training also helps in satisfying the dog’s needs. It also helps the dogs in exercising themselves and also builds its relationship with its owner or handler.


Ongoing Training

It needs to be an ongoing session. Playtime should also be incorporated into the training session to prevent both the trainer and the dog from being bored. This will go a long way in reinforcing the bond that exists between the dog and its owner.


Do you know any other dog training commands that you would like for us to add?


Do you need more tips on how you can train your dogs effectively?
Also have a look at the basics of dog training

I wish you the best of luck with your dog.


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